Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Keith's Graduation

Well this is a bit late, but I'm finally getting around to posting about Keith's Graduation from SMU Law School, back in May! My parents and my sister Lindsay and her family all came out to Texas for the ceremony. It was so fun to have everyone in town! 

The graduation itself was a little bit stressful. Dallas's record-breaking rain this spring created a few obstacles for the outdoor graduation SMU had planned. The law school sent an email saying that the graduation ceremony could be moved inside due to rain, but they wouldn't make an official announcement until 3pm the day of! This wouldn't have been that big of a deal except that it changed the time of the event. If the ceremony was inside, it wouldn't start until 8:30 PM instead of 6:30 PM, as originally planned.

Clearly, no one in charge of this thing had kids! We had to have a babysitter on call just in case it was moved to the later time and the babysitter we had booked for my sister's kids was only going to be available if it was at the earlier time. It was a huge mess! Luckily, the rain held off long enough for the graduation to go on outside, as planned. 

Despite all the stress beforehand, it was an amazing day. The past three years were really tough for both of us. I had been looking forward to his graduation for so long that it was surreal to actually watch it happen. I'm so proud of all he accomplished during law school and I know he will accomplish so much more in the future!

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