Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had the best weekend celebrating Easter and watching General Conference! We missed watching the Saturday morning session because Grace was invited to a friend's birthday party. The party was sort of a dress-up theme and she wore one of her new spring dresses. 

I even got ready myself, which is a pretty rare thing these days. Note that I'm NOT wearing pajamas or workout clothes. My hair is also NOT thrown into a bun on top of my head and I AM wearing makeup. Sadly, this is an event worth documenting.

(22 week bump!)

The birthday party was at the cutest little girls clothing boutique in downtown Plano. Half of the building is a store and the other half is set up to entertain for parties. They had a huge selection of dress-ups and a little "stage" where the girls could do karaoke and dance. Between getting dressed up, dancing along to the Frozen soundtrack and eating a giant chocolate cupcake, Grace couldn't have enjoyed herself more!

That night, we had a little girls night with my mother-in-law at La Hacienda Ranch, while all of the guys went to priesthood session. Grace was SO good at dinner and we had a nice visit with Suzanne. Grace surprised us all by downing the chips and salsa - that salsa is NOT mild! I guess she just loves Mexican food as much as her mama does :)

It wouldn't be a trip to La Hacienda Ranch without a ride on the coin operated horses out front!

 After dinner, we went back to Grandma's house and grace took her tricycle for a spin. She was looking pretty tough with her sunglasses...and princess basket.

 On Easter morning, we did a little egg hunt at our house followed by German pancakes (which I  made for the first time by the way - SO good!) and then watched the first session of conference. Please try to ignore the stains all over our white couch...

Grace was pretty excited to find out that the Easter Bunny had visited Grandma's house too! (Just what we needed...more Candy!)

Grace LOVED the play-dough she got in her Easter basket. I'm not sure why it took me so long to discover how amazing play-dough is. She was entertained for hours!

It was such a fun and uplifting weekend to be able to spend time with family and hear messages about our Savior and his gospel. Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!