Friday, June 21, 2013

Sunday Best

After Church on Sunday, I took some pictures of Mom and Dad outside of our apartment. Aren't they the cutest?

Thanks for coming to visit, Mom and Dad! Love you guys!

Park and Pool

I wanted to take Grace to the park so we could try putting her in a swing. I hadn't been to any parks around here so I just randomly chose Webb Bridge Park. It turned out to be awesome!

There is a shallow fresh water stream that runs through the park. All of the kids (and Chipper) loved playing in the water.  

Grace got to swing with Grandpa!

There was also an awesome xylophone.

I should have gotten more pictures! Mom, Dad and I agreed it was probably the best kid's park we had ever been to! I wish we had something like this closer to us in Texas, for when Grace is older and can actually play!

After the park, Dad and I took Grace over to the YMCA pool. It's a perfect pool for babies because its one of those "beach" type pools that starts out really shallow. (Grace is wearing her bumblebee swimsuit that Grandma and Aunt Lindsay got for her. You can't see, but it has tiny wings sewn onto the back. It kills me.)

The last time we took Grace to the pool, she wasn't very excited about it. This time, she finally seemed to warm up to the water and had a blast splashing around! 

Can you find Grandpa??

Atlanta History Center

While Mom and Dad were here, we spent a day at the Atlanta History Center. I had been once before with my mother-in-law, when I came out to visit Georgia before Keith and I were married. I forgot how much there is to see and do there!

 It's actually a pretty cool place. As part of the admission to the museum, you get to tour the Swan Mansion, which is an awesome house from the 1920's. This is a picture of the back of the house, which is actually where the entrance is.

This is the front of the house. Isn't it gorgeous?? 

They also had this cute little farmhouse you could tour with animals, a blacksmith, a carpenter, etc. The guy doing the demonstration was very impressed with Dad's carpentry skills. 

Dad stopped to make this cute little stool....okay not really. This stool was already there and I just took a picture of it. (But I'm sure he could have made one if he wanted to...)

Mom made fast friends with Buster, a little sheep at the Farm. 

She sat and scratched his ears, like you would a dog, for a good 5 minutes. A true animal lover.

We also went through the museum, which had a huge civil war exhibit. (It's always interesting to get the southern perspective on the war.)

Below, Dad posing in a replica civil war fort. 

After we came home, Grace got to read some books with Grandpa. She sure is lucky to have such fun grandparents!

Brave's Game

Mom, Dad and Grace all went to their first Brave's game! The Braves were playing the Nationals.

Grace was pretty overwhelmed by all of the lights, sounds and people. Didn't help that it was WAYY past her bedtime!

Note to self: Taking a baby to a night game is not the best idea. Keith and I took turns walking around with Grace. Keith ended up sitting up above us in some seats where they could make a quick escape. 

(Apparently that guy in the purple shirt didn't appreciate having a screaming baby next to him. Sorry!)

Grandma distracted Grace for a while with her sunglasses.

Sadly, the Braves didn't even win! Not the best first baseball game...Oh well! 

Stone Mountain

While Mom and Dad were here, we went to see Stone Mountain, which is basically a giant confederate monument. Below, you can see the carving of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis. At night, they project a laser show on the side of the mountain. 

Mom and Dad before the show

I was a little skeptical about the laser show, but it was actually really fun! Everyone laid out blankets and set up lawn chairs out on the grass. They played a bunch of country music and songs about Georgia and the South that went along with the show. It was just a good excuse to get outdoors and lay under the stars. I tried to get a video of the laser show, but it was too dark to really see what was going on.

The real treat of the night, however, was getting to watch this guy. Before the show, he was busy showing off his hacky-sack skills. Once the sun went down, we figured the show was over. Nope! He came prepared! He pulled out his headband flashlight and kept on hacky sacking. His teenage sons also got up and started dancing during some of the laser show. Quite the family.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

World of Coke and Fat Matt's

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit us in Georgia. It was so much fun to have them here! My mom is kind of a health nut and is constantly getting on to Keith for his soda addiction, so naturally, we had to take her to World of Coke. We wanted them to have the true Jensen experience!

Mom and Dad had never used a freestyle machine before. They were fascinated.  

At the end of the tour, you go through the "taste it" room where you can sample every soda that coca cola makes, categorized by continent. In the europe section, you will find a delightful italian beverage called, "Beverly." 

Here are Mom and Dad trying Beverly for the first time. 

Oh, I'm sorry, did I say delightful?? I meant, disgusting. 
These photos of Mom are just priceless.

Grace had a blast too. Us Jensens start em' young. 
 (Kidding.) It's just a foam toy from the gift shop. Who would actually buy that?

After getting our fill of sodas, we decided it was time for some real food. So we headed over to Fat Matt's Rib Shack. 

This place was seriously SOO good. So good, in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures of our food before stuffing my face with ribs and mac n' cheese. Guess you'll just have to take my word for it!

At night, the restaurant has a live Jazz band that comes and plays. Sadly, it was already past Grace's bedtime so we didn't get to stay for the show.



Such a fun day! 

And sorry, Mom, next time you come we'll try to eat more vegetables.

Monday, June 10, 2013

St. Augustine

While we were in St. Augustine, Grace went to the pool for the first time! 

Sadly, she wasn't a huge fan of the water. (She has recently had a change of heart.) 

Can we all just agree that baby swimsuits are the cutest thing ever?? I have no self control. Grace currently has FOUR suits. 

  Before our trip, I had no idea that St. Augustine is actually this really cool, historical city. It was founded by spanish explorers in the 1500s so there are a lot of historical sites to go see. Behind us, you can see the Castillo de San Marcos, which is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. (Yes, I just copied that from wikipedia.) 

Better picture of the fort.

We also looked around some of the little shops downtown. In addition to the sea shells you see in this picture, this shop also sold gator heads and gator claw keychains! We didn't get any.

We stopped at Kilwin's, an ice cream place that makes fresh waffle cones and other yummy treats.

We had such a blast with Ben and Kasey! They're the kind of friends that no matter how far away we live or how long its been since we last saw eachother, we will always pick right back up where we left off. We spent an entire night watching "Mermaids: The New Evidence" on animal planet and it was amazing. We honestly have fun no matter what we are doing with these two! Now we just need them to come up and visit us in Atlanta! (Hint! Hint!)