Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

For halloween, Keith and I (okay mostly I) planned our outfits around Chipper's halloween costume. I got this cute little cow costume for Chipper, so Keith and I dressed as a cowboy and cowgirl. 

Don't we look cute?

On Saturday, we had our ward "trunk or treat." When I signed up to do the trunk or treat, I assumed our ward party would be at night. So of course I bought glow in the dark spider webs, orange lights and a little tombstone that glowed red inside to decorate our trunk. Weelll....turns out our party was at 2pm in broad daylight. Here's how the trunk turned out. Definitely might have been better had it been dark outside...

Here is Keith passing out candy to the kiddos. He refused to wear his cowboy hat. Although I have to admit, it was pretty flamboyant. It looked a lot more country music star than cowboy.

For the actual night of Halloween, I made a classic halloween dinner: homemade chili, cornbread, salad and "witches' cofee" (a Jensen family favorite). And no, witches' coffee does not contain any actual coffee, just Rootbeer and dry ice. Apparently that's just what Keith's little brother Tyler called it and the name stuck.

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!