Sunday, July 7, 2013

If your child ever has a hair tourniquet...

Last week, as I was feeding Grace dinner, I looked down at her toe and saw that a hair was tightly wrapped around it, digging into her skin. Her toe was extremely red and swollen.

In a panic, i tried to rip the hair away but ended up breaking off the end of the hair while also cinching it more tightly around her toe. (Great move on my part.)

Keith and I really began to freak out. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get the hair off with tweezers. Her toe was slowly turning more and more purple so we put her in the carseat and headed straight to urgent care. They ended up having to make an incision in her toe to free the hair and then stitch her toe back up.

Just imagine me, Keith and a bunch of nurses all holding Grace down as she is screaming at the top of her lungs, while the doctor slices her toe open. It was terrible and traumatic for everyone. 

The next day, we were worried because her toe didn't seem to look any better so we ended up taking   Grace to the ER. When we told the nurse what had happened, he said, "Oh, did they try putting Nair on it at urgent care? That's what we do and it just dissolves the hair away."


Well that makes way too much sense! So you're telling me we didn't need to slice my baby's toe open? Fantastic. 

Turns out Grace's toe was fine, but it will probably take a while to heal. So, to make a super long story short, if your child ever has a hair tourniquet, TRY NAIR! 

Here are some photos of poor Gracie's toe:

 This is her toe right after she got her stitches.

Her toe a few days later. 

Seven Months

Here's a look at Grace at seven months!

She still prefers eating books to reading them...

She is getting so active now. All she wants to do is find ways to stand up. I'm not going to be surprised if this girl is walking by nine months!

Love her!