Saturday, March 30, 2013

Dallas Zoo

This last weekend, Keith and I took Gracie to the Dallas Zoo. I'm pretty sure we were a lot more excited about it than she was, but whatever. She'll appreciate the pictures someday or something, right?

Side note: I realize from these pictures that it looks like the Zoo is located in a nice, friendly Dallas neighborhood, right? Wrong! Do not be fooled. We seriously had to drive through the SKETCHIEST part of Dallas to get there. Just picture lots of barred windows and ghetto, old-school Cadillacs parked everywhere. I've honestly never seen so many "Lock your car. Take your keys. Hide your belongings." signs in one location.

But back to the Zoo...

These penguins were super friendly and kept swimming up to the glass. So cute! 

This is Grace's "Safari" hat. It was a little big...

 There were TONS of Giraffes! (I like this picture. Mostly because it reminds me of Jurassic Park.)

Americas next top Cheetah. Seriously though, check out that Blue Steel.

We weren't on a REAL safari, guys. I know this picture is pretty convincing, though.

I gave this guy the "Ugliest animal at the Zoo" award. What a scary face! He seriously might be the devil, himself. The best part though? There was some British lady next to me who kept saying, "Wow, look how beautiful he is!!" Okay, are we looking at the same thing, lady??

We had a really good time but by the end of the day we were all exhausted. If I had a stroller to fall asleep in, I probably would have looked exactly like this. (But a lot less cute, of course.)