Friday, April 20, 2012

And the verdict is...

I realize I haven't blogged in forever but things have been a little bit crazy and we have (literally) been all over the place. We've been out to visit several law schools including University of Georgia (which we drove out to see TWICE), Wake Forest, Southern Methodist University and University of Texas. But after all of our trips, we FINALLY made a decision!

Keith will be going to Southern Methodist University here in Dallas this Fall!! We are really excited that we will get to stay in Texas!

Here are some highlights from our trips:

A while back we took a day trip to Austin. My sister Lindsay, who used to live there, told us we HAD to go eat at Mighty Fines. She was right. It was DELISH.

Later on we got tacos at a little local place. I promise we did other things besides eat, I'm just terrible at remembering to take pictures.

We also went to the Texas State History museum in Austin. They had an entire exhibit just about Texas high school football. Friday night lights was no joke, football is pretty serious here in Texas!

A few weeks later we made our next trip. We drove from Dallas to Atlanta to North Carolina and back! About a month later, we made ANOTHER trip from Dallas to Atlanta and back. (I think I'm all done with road trips for a while.) But here are some more pictures.

We were pretty excited to find some awesome Swamp People souvenirs in a gas station in Lousiana. The hats have sayings like "Choot em!" and "Tree Shaka." Does anyone else watch that show?? 

Some delicious southern food we ate in Mississippi. (Mac n cheese, fried chicken, onion rings...yep, we eat pretty healthy these days.)

While we were in Atlanta, we stopped by Keith's brother, Tyler's grave. It was really special because it was the first time Keith was able to take me there.

Keith's mom also requested that we stop by their old house in Alpharetta and see how it was holding up. Still looked gorgeous...I love that house!

Pretty building on Georgia's campus.

The law school at Univeristy of Georgia.

And more importantly, Georgia's football stadium :)

We then headed up to Winston Salem, North Carolina to see Wake Forest Law School. (Above)

We drove through Tennessee and stopped at the University of Tennessee to visit Keith's friend Ryan. We went to dinner with him and his girlfriend. (Of course I forgot to take pictures.)

And last but definitely NOT are some pictures of SMU!
This is the quad with all of the law school buildings.

So proud of Keith for working so hard! I couldn't be more excited about his decision. Go Mustangs!