Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Our Almost Anniversary

Keith and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. I know, pretty exciting...but hold off on the congratulations. You see, our actual anniversary is November 27th. So why did we celebrate it yesterday?

Well, after we drive out to Texas, Keith has to fly back out to Utah to finish school/finals so we will be apart for 2 weeks. Being the romantic, wonderful wife I am, I of course booked his flight for (yes, you guessed it) November 27th. And even worse, his flight leaves early that morning. Oops. So we'll get to celebrate our anniversary by waking up early and saying goodbye for 2 weeks. With all the craziness of moving and getting ready to leave, we just decided to celebrate our anniversary early. 

We weren't really planning on celebrating it THIS early but since we are both such amazing gift givers, we couldn't wait to give each other our presents. Keith got me a wedding band for my ring because I have just had my engagement ring since we got married. (I guess he decided he wants to stay married to me after all.) It turned out so beautiful! I'm glad I have such a romantic, thoughtful husband.

I got Keith a watch that he has been wanting and some cologne. He was happier about it than he looks in this picture.

Here are some photos of our anniversary bling:

Can't believe it has already been 1 year! (Well, almost.)