Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The final stretch!

Looks like things are coming to an end. Hurricane Irene has died down, the season finale of Pretty Little Liars is on tonight (can they just tell us who "A" is already?), and...

Keith started his LAST semester at BYU this week!

I'm so proud of him! He has worked SO hard in school while studying for the LSAT and being an amazing housewife...err...I mean, husband. But seriously, Keith does all of the laundry, washes the dishes, takes care of Chip--it's pretty much a one man show in the Jensen household. I decided it was my turn to do something nice for him. So on Monday, I woke up early and made him breakfast to celebrate his LAST first day of class (well at least during his undergraduate degree).

DISCLAIMER: Before you judge the artistic masterpiece below, please note that I made this card in about 5 minutes at 6AM while cooking breakfast AND getting ready for work. With that said, I made Keith this card along with some (much more appealing) waffles and bacon.

I think we are both just ready for Keith to take the LSAT, apply for law schools, etc., so we can know where we will be living for the next three years of our lives! But as much as I would love to fast forward a few months, I'm really trying to enjoy the time we have here in Utah. I know I complain about it, okay I complain about it a lot, but I'm sure there will be some things I'll miss. (Um, did I just say that?)

Anyways, we are almost there and I couldn't be more proud of Keith! I know he is (not so) secretly planning to skip out on graduation--he apparently doesn't care about it? But I am personally taking the responsibility of making sure that he walks across that stage and that I take a very classy photo of him riding the cougar in cap and gown in front of LaVell Edwards stadium. Can't wait.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Home Alone

Yesterday, Keith drove up to Idaho with his dad to visit his Grandma and Grandpa Jensen. That left me with our apartment all to myself. Now, a normal person might be excited about this, but I'm kind of a scaredy-cat and hate being home alone (well, at least at night). I highly doubt I would be able to whip out any Kevin McAllister-esque booby trapping skills if someone were to break into my apartment.

Keith was shocked the other day, when my three-year-old niece thought the Disney movie The rescuers was too scary and we had to turn it off. Watching the movie, I could kind of see where she was coming from. It was way more dark than I remembered. I probably would have been scared too as a three-year-old. When i was little, I remember being too scared to even go upstairs and get a movie because I was afraid I might see the picture of the witch on the side of The Wizard of Oz movie case while looking for another movie. Maybe being a scaredy-cat just runs in my family?

Unfortunately, I'm no longer three years old, and being afraid isn't quite as understandable. Is it bad that I'm 23 and I'm still afraid of the dark? I strategically turn the lights off in a chain throughout my apartment so that I never have to be in the dark. The longer this post goes on, the more I'm beginning to think I might have some serious issues.

Fortunately, no one broke into our house and I miraculously woke up alive and unharmed without Keith there. Good thing this was only an overnight trip to Idaho. Now, hurry up and come home.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Livin' the dream...

When I decided to major in Advertising, I sort of envisioned going to work every day somewhere like oh, say...


and this...

...with people like this.

Well, let me introduce you to where I work. 

Welcome to Farmington, UT.

Here is my workspace. I know, it's pretty glamorous. The Clorox wipes really put it over the top.

 So yeah, I'm pretty much living the dream. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Growing up, I never really thought of my home as a vacation spot. I always thought it was so weird when I would see tourists that had come all the way from Europe to stay in Redondo Beach. (I mean when you've got the French Riviera, Greek Isles, Barcelona, etc, WAAYY closer to you...WHY Redondo Beach??) 

Now, I go home and I can't believe that I pretty much grew up in paradise! I never knew how lucky I was. 

So here are some pictures from our week in paradise :)

Keith and I (and Matt) at Redondo Beach.

Me and Keith in Catalina Island.

Keith enjoyed holding his Zipline cable thing (whatever its called) like a machine gun the entire time.

Before we got on the boat to Catalina, I told Lila we might see some Dolphins in the ocean on our way over. Little did I know, it's probably not wise to tell a 3 year old they might see something you have absolutely no control over. She kept asking my dad where the dolphins were. Luckily, right before we got to Catalina, we saw a pod of LITERALLY about 200 dolphins. You can't tell from the picture but it was pretty amazing. I was also happy to NOT be the one responsible for a very disappointed 3 year old.

 Me, Keith and my parents met up with our friend Nate at the Angels vs. Rangers game. 

Chip had a pretty good time too. He and Ashley's dog, Daisy were best friends from the second we got there. It was pretty adorable.

He was so worn out that he slept the ENTIRE drive back to Utah. 

P.S. I promise I'll try not to turn this into a mommy blog about my dog. I swear we aren't those weird people who think our dog is our child...at least thats what I keep telling myself.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

California bound...

Keith and I are going down to California this weekend/next week to visit my family. This will be the first time my whole family has been together since our wedding! 

A few things I am excited for (in no particular order):


This place is seriously the BEST.

 I know I worked there for like six years and should probably never want to eat there again but...can you ever really eat too many super burgers and onion rings?

...and of course the rest of my family!

Although, apparently we are doing a zip-line tour. We'll see how that goes with my extreme fear of heights...


Riding in the car with Chipper for TEN HOURS.

Wish us luck! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Utah Accent

I was rather disturbed the other day when my mom told me that I’m developing a Utah accent. When I turned to Keith for some moral support, hoping he would tell me my mom was crazy, he said, “I was scared to tell you, but you kinda are…” Dang.

The Utah accent can be subtle and hard to describe, but it’s something you just know when you hear it. Trust me, it’s not one of those accents you really want to have. After working in Farmington UT for almost a year, I’ve developed a fine-tuned ear for some specific “Utah-isms.”

If you want to sound like you are from Utah, try implementing a few of these into conversation (or better yet, if you want to avoid sounding like you are from Utah, NEVER say any of these):

Pronounce the word “deal” (or anything that rhymes with it), “dill.”
“That store always has the best dills” or “That mill was delicious!”

Pronounce the word “mail” (or anything that rhymes with it)—“mell.” 
"I sent 20 emells at work today” or “I got this shirt on sell!”

Definitely make sure you add random "T’s" into words that don’t have "T’s."  
"Keltsey" or "What eltse?"

Some other personal favs:
milk = "melk" 
measure ="mayzure" 

Also, if you travel to any of the below cities, make sure you pronounce them like this:
American Fork = “American Fark”
Hurricane = “Hurr-a-kin”

Keith and I have officially been in Utah WAY too long.