Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Yesterday was officially my LAST day at ThomasARTS! Although I've done my fair share of complaining about work, it was actually pretty sad to say goodbye. It may not have been the ideal job, but it was still my first REAL job, you know, that wasn't an internship or didn't involve wearing a candy striper dress (Oh the joys of working at Rubys!) In the last year, I've probably spent about as much time with my coworkers as I have with my own husband! A lot of them became really good friends that I know I'll keep in touch with for a long time.

For my last day, my department took me out to lunch at Arella Pizzeria which was actually pretty good. Of course I waited until my LAST day to find one of the few good places to eat up there. Hailey also got me a little going away gift, some halloween baking supplies (cookie cutters, cupcake wrappers and decorations). It was really sweet of her and I'm pretty excited to use them since I actually have time now to do things like that! 

Also, somehow I completely FORGOT to take a picture with my department before I left! Which means I managed to work at ThomasARTS for 12 months without taking a single picture with any of my coworkers. (Not to mention, this blog post will now be pretty boring because I have no pictures.)

I don't want to get too sentimental here though. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely relieved to be done and excited to have some time off. Keith and I are both ready to move on to the next thing, especially since we've got some pretty exciting things ahead of us: applying to law schools, packing up our apt, and heading off to Dallas!

So goodbye ThomasARTS, hello Texas!

Friday, October 7, 2011


The other day, I heard a loud "thud" and ran into the bathroom. Little did I know, it was the sound of my tiny dog hurling his body over the side of the tub.

The strange thing about this is that Chipper doesn't like baths at all. As soon as he gets wet, he tries to make a quick getaway. So I turned on the water, to see what he would do. He walked over curiously and then got a nice refreshing drink.

Apparently he likes being in there because he has jumped in several times since.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Painkillers and Pizza

Keith had his ACL surgery on Monday. Here is a play-by-play of our conversation as he woke up from his surgery:

Keith: Motions for me to lean in and whispers, "I have to tell you something..."

Well this should be interesting..

Keith: "It's about the nurses."

Me: "Oh yeah? What happened?"

Keith: "This nurse's sister cheated on her husband. But they all were saying they hate him and think he's mean. I just don't understand."

Me: "Hm..that's weird."

(I loved how he was really invested in the nurse drama at the hospital. Apparently as they wheeled him into the recovery room he said drowsily, "I hope everything works out for your sister.")

Keith: Again motions for me to lean in and whispers in my ear, "I want pizza."

Me: "Okay honey. We'll get you some later."

Keith: "I love you."

Me: "I love you too hun."

Keith: Waves for me to lean in again, "Can we order pizza?"

Me: (Trying not to laugh) "Yes, we can order pizza."

Two things were definitely confirmed during this convo:

1. Keith loves me

2. Keith really loves pizza

Also, in case you were wondering, I did order pizza. Did anyone else know that Pizza Hut is currently offering ANY size pizza with ANY toppings for $10? I was pretty impressed. Just saying.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Keith is taking the LSAT.

Right NOW.

I'm kind of freaking out.

Good thing I can distract myself by watching general conference this morning.

We didn't exactly have the best start to the day. This morning, I drove Keith down to UVU to take his test and traffic on I-15 south was closed down to ONE lane!! I don't understand Utah construction. They weren't even doing ANYTHING! (Really, do they ever actually do construction?) So obviously, Keith had a minor panic attack and I was secretly panicking but trying to appear calm. Luckily, we still got there in plenty of time and Keith was able to relax for a minute before going in.

Today should actually be pretty great because 1) Keith will be done with the LSAT, 2) Kasey and I are having a girls night during priesthood session, and 3) I get to give Keith his "congrats, you're done with the LSAT" gift!

Hopefully I don't regret this...