Monday, June 10, 2013

St. Augustine

While we were in St. Augustine, Grace went to the pool for the first time! 

Sadly, she wasn't a huge fan of the water. (She has recently had a change of heart.) 

Can we all just agree that baby swimsuits are the cutest thing ever?? I have no self control. Grace currently has FOUR suits. 

  Before our trip, I had no idea that St. Augustine is actually this really cool, historical city. It was founded by spanish explorers in the 1500s so there are a lot of historical sites to go see. Behind us, you can see the Castillo de San Marcos, which is the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States. (Yes, I just copied that from wikipedia.) 

Better picture of the fort.

We also looked around some of the little shops downtown. In addition to the sea shells you see in this picture, this shop also sold gator heads and gator claw keychains! We didn't get any.

We stopped at Kilwin's, an ice cream place that makes fresh waffle cones and other yummy treats.

We had such a blast with Ben and Kasey! They're the kind of friends that no matter how far away we live or how long its been since we last saw eachother, we will always pick right back up where we left off. We spent an entire night watching "Mermaids: The New Evidence" on animal planet and it was amazing. We honestly have fun no matter what we are doing with these two! Now we just need them to come up and visit us in Atlanta! (Hint! Hint!)

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  1. How cute!!! We are definitely going to come up soon. bet your bottom dollar!