Monday, June 10, 2013

Beach Baby

I realize I have yet to post any pictures of us in Georgia, so if you were wondering, we ARE actually in Atlanta right now (and have been for about a month). However, just a few days after moving here, we packed right back up and took a trip down to Florida for memorial day weekend! Our good friends, Kasey and Ben, were staying in St. Augustine at Kasey's grandma's beach house and they were awesome enough to invite us along. 

While we were there, Grace went to the Beach for the FIRST time!! She loved digging her little toes into the sand. 

Grace FINALLY got to meet her Aunt Kasey, who has been spoiling her from afar. Seriously though, I think Ben may have banned Kasey from the baby section at Target.

I just can't get enough of her leg rolls. 

Ben and Kasey looking adorable.

It was such a fun trip! It could not have been more perfect. More pictures to come soon...


  1. I love reading your blog Kels... makes me realize I need to start blogging again! You look fabulous by the way and of course Grace is the cutest lil thing EVER!!!

  2. Those baby legs are unreal! Grace is so cute!

  3. SO Much fun!!! Im so glad yall came and I finally got to meet her. Now we just need the pups to meet and our lives will be complete :)