Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Keith's Birthday

Keith turned 25 yesterday! Even though his actual birthday was on Monday, we decided to celebrate on Saturday since we were both off from work/school. In honor of the big 25, I set up a Birthday scavenger hunt and made Keith follow clues around the house leading him to his gifts. (This is a total Carter thing.) 

Every year on Christmas, my sisters and I would follow rhyming clues around the house leading us to our best gifts. So yeah, we are pretty big on scavenger hunts in my family. But you know what? Its awesome and it makes getting presents like 20 times more fun. At least I think so. (Keith might say otherwise but I'm pretty sure he secretly loved it.)

I will admit, coming up with all those rhymes was a little tricky. Also, there are really only so many places to hide clues in a one bedroom apartment. Things got a little weird. 
The answer was the Diaper Genie, btw. (Taped to the outside, of course. I'm not that gross.) 

Keith was super excited about the golf shoes I got him. I was NOT super excited about my camera being on some weird setting that made all of these photos extremely blurry.

After going out to dinner, we dug into this delicious DQ ice cream cake, specially requested by Keith. It was an excellent choice.

It was a very fun day! Happy Birthday to this amazing guy! We love you!


  1. haha omg grace she kills me

  2. Happy Birthday Keith! You look so cute Kels. And goodness you are making me feel so old. You youngin's are only turning 25 and we'll be 30 this year!

  3. He is an amazing guy! Looking forward to celebrating with you guys on Thursday night!

  4. Happy Birthday, Keith!! Grace is absolutely beautiful!! Love seeing all the pics.

    Cindy Hackett