Wednesday, February 13, 2013

One year older and wiser too.

Okay, technically he isn't one year older until tomorrow, but Chipper is certainly looking wiser these days with his silvery hair.

In honor of him turning two, here is a birthday interview with Chipper.
(Yes, I'm doing this. Just humor me.)

How old I am: Two (almost)

My favorite food: Beggin' strips. Also, anything humans are eating. And I mean ANYTHING. Including lettuce. Or my absolute favorite, pickles.

Things i like to do: Wrestling with dad, chewing the caps off of water bottles, stealing things and hiding them under the couch, chasing bunnies, going to the dog park AND best of all, making attempts to lick inside people's noses and/or mouths.

Best friends: Zja Zja and Woody, some of the dog park regulars. Oh! And Oliver. (Even though we haven't met yet because he lives in Florida.)

Favorite place to go: Dog park and Grandma and Grandpa Jensen's house. I start crying whenever we get within a two mile radius of either one because I get so excited and desperately try to escape from the car.

Favorite tv show: Too cute! (Puppy edition.) Okay, I think mom actually likes this show more than I do. She is always trying to get me to look at all of the puppies on the screen.

Sooo for those of you who thought I would stop treating chipper like my child once grace was born, I apologize for disappointing you. Although, he definitely gets FAR less attention now than he did before. And even so, he has been such a good dog and has been really cute with grace.

He has yet to chew any of Grace's toys or hide any of her things under the couch. You probably don't understand what a feat this is for chipper, but trust me, its HUGE. Plus, during those first few weeks (or months) when grace was waking up to eat every hour at night, Chip was always there to keep me company. He would groggily walk out into the living room and look at me like, "Alright, alright, I'm up," and then hop up next to me on the couch. Is it really pathetic that it kind of made me feel better and actually helped me get through some of those really hard nights? I really love the little guy.

So Chip, even though you may beg for food at the table or bark whenever you hear a doorbell on tv (we dont have a doorbell) and accidently wake up grace from a nap, you are still the best little dog I could ever ask for.

Happy birthday Chipper Pup!


  1. He has truly been so patient and contemplative since Grace was born, it kills me. He's such a funny dog! I love you Chip!

  2. Chip and Oliver for REALS will be BFFS for life!